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Player: Yue
Contact Information: [plurk.com profile] inkscapes


Canonpoint: Caramia → Axel transfer route A, after he defeats Hamelin.
Age: Unknown. Physically he appears to be in his early twenties. It's implied that he's possibly hundreds of years old, though.
Wish: "My body won't obey what I tell it to do, but I... made a promise that I would return. Please... please allow me to keep that promise!"
Result: Naturally, Kyuubey cannot grant the wish by allowing him to truly return to famiglia Oz; as part of the contract, he must leave his world behind. As a result, it'll be fulfilled by creating a double of Axel who will return to the famiglia unharmed.
Weapon: Shotgun
Outfit: A ridiculous tin suit that makes him look like the Tin Man.


» Enhanced Stamina - he's tankier and can withstand physical damage more easily
» Healing Gaze - Axel can heal injuries that he can see. This means that he cannot mend broken bones or heal internal injuries. Furthermore, the healing process would take time: the bigger the injury, the longer Axel would have to use his ability on it to fully heal it. When active, this ability drains his soul gem.


Generally speaking, there is very little I am absolutely not okay with under any circumstance. Please let me know before you spring shipping or violence (if it gets into killing territory) on me, though!
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Player name: Yue
Contact info: [plurk.com profile] inkscapes
Other characters currently played: Chara, Dave Strider, Kyouko Sakura

Character name: Axel
Age: Unknown. Physically he appears to be in his early twenties. It's implied that he's possibly hundreds of years old, though.
Canon: Ozmafia!!
Canonpoint: Caramia → Axel transfer route A, after he defeats Hamelin.

Background: Ozmafia!! is based off of the Wizard of Oz, and much of his backstory is identical to the Tin Woodman's as a result.

However, while the beginning of his tale follows the Wizard of Oz very closely, it diverges due to a change of heart on Dorothy's part.

» Dorothy decides she's grown too attached to the land of Oz and all the companions she's met along her journey to leave, so she stays and becomes a witch.
» She offers to grant any wish that the Cowardly Lion, Scarecrow, and Tin Woodman have.
» The three of them all wish to be given a human form for various reasons, the Tin Woodman's reason being that he "want[ed] a body with warm blood to match [his] heart."
» Dorothy grants their wishes, and they become Caramia, Kyrie, and Axel. She then goes one step further: she makes them an entire city filled with characters based off of fairy tales and the literature she'd read as a child so that they can live together happily. She builds a giant tower in the center of the city so that she can watch over them.
» Dorothy, watching everyone from her tower, grows jealous and wishes to join them. This wish gives birth to Fuka, her idealized future self; however, as she's broken the rule forbidding witches from using magic for their own gain, her magic, soul, and body are split into three parts. He true self falls into a deep sleep.
» Toto, who's dismayed by this, seeks a way to reunite the three fragments and awaken her again. He dies heartbroken and his wish gives birth to a boy named Soh, who's able to use powerful magic.
» Soh introduces violence and bloodshed to Dorothy's new reality by doling out weapons to all the famiglie in the hopes that her components will grow to fear the city and end up climbing the tower again.
» The citizens of the city divide up into mafia families based off of the story they're based off of. Axel, Caramia, and Kyrie form famiglia Oz.
» Axel acts as Oz's caporegime, viewing himself as a disposable pawn who must give everything for the sake of his famiglia. Since he - along with many others - was created by Dorothy's magic, he cannot age or die. He can, however, be injured or otherwise incapacitated.
» Soh's plan to change the city for the worse is going well, as the rivaling mafia famiglie begin to viciously fight each other for power and territory. However, the leader of famiglia Grimm, Hamelin, refuses to use the weapons he's been given, stating a disdain for violence when asked for the reason.
» Soh uses his magic to manipulate Hamelin into killing one of the mortal inhabitants of the city. This act causes Hamelin to go mad and come to the belief that he and every other person in the city are just puppets being controlled for the amusement of an unseen audience. He stops trying to fight Soh's machinations and begins to cause turmoil and tragedy with glee.
» The famiglie come together to capture Hamelin. Since he is an immortal who cannot be executed, they decide to exile him.
» Some time later, Emerald City has become a dangerous place with unending conflicts. The famiglie decide upon a compromise that orders a mandatory ceasefire on Sunday and severely punishes any rulebreakers.
» Fuka awakens in an alleyway. There, one of Dorothy's other lost components, Caesar, finds her and immediately feels a connection with her. However, he misinterprets this connection and decides to hunt her down and kill her. As Fuka runs through the streets in an attempt to escape him, she bumps into Caramia and Kyrie, who save her and decide to take her in once they learn that she has no memories and thus no place to stay.
» Axel is tasked with acting as her bodyguard, but is suspicious of her at first and acts on-guard around her because he fears that she will bring turmoil to famiglia Oz.
» While following her around one Sunday, they end up in the alleyway where she first woke up again and bump into Caesar and his men.
» In order to protect Fuka, Axel draws his weapon and fights off Fuka's attackers, telling her to run back to the Oz mansion.
» Fuka bumps into Caramia and Kyrie on her way there and explains what happened to her, begging them to save Axel. The two of them refuse, stating that as caporegime Axel is disposable.
» They head back to the mansion, where Fuka decides to sneak out once she's determined that there really is no way to change their minds. She makes her way to the forest where Caesar and the Wolf Gang live, telling his men that she's decided to give herself up in exchange for Axel's freedom.
» Since Caesar is absent, they tie her up for the time being and toss her with Axel, who is upset to see that she's gotten herself captured. The two exchange words, and Axel reprimands her for thinking she could reason with Caesar's men. He tells her that Caramia and Kyrie were not wrong for abandoning him and that his duty is to give his life for the famiglia, which includes Fuka since she is their guest. Fuka responds by saying that she does not care if she dies for Axel's sake, since he and famiglia Oz were so kind to her when she had absolutely nothing. Axel rebukes her but is moved by the sentiment; this marks the shift in his demeanor towards her.
» Exactly at midnight, famiglia Oz and, at the request of famiglia Oz, the rest of the famiglie move out to punish Caesar's men for breaking the rules of the Sunday Compromise. They are all slaughtered.
» Famiglia Oz goes to fetch Fuka and Axel. Kyrie forces Axel to get onto his knees and kicks him to the ground, telling him to state the reason he's being disposed of, which Axel does obediently: for breaking the Sunday Compromise and drawing a weapon to protect Fuka.
» Fuka unsuccessfully tries to intervene. A gunshot rings out, and she faints.
» When she wakes up the next morning, she finds that Axel is alive and that Kyrie had never intended to shoot him in the first place. She's overjoyed, and she and Axel come out of this incident far closer than they were before.
» Time passes. Axel continues to accompany Fuka around town and protect her from threats, being injured on several occasions.
» Axel falls in love with Fuka.
» On the day of the Meteor Shower Gathering, a festival during which many shooting stars can be seen, Axel makes a wish for his feelings to somehow reach Fuka. Fuka goes to the festival with Caramia, and Caramia confesses to her. She reciprocates his feelings, and the two officially announce their relationship to famiglia Oz the next day.
» Due to Caramia's status as don, his outings with Fuka are always interrupted. They spend very little time together, and a series of grisly murders that Caramia is investigating cuts into the time they have even more. Caramia tasks Axel with looking after Fuka while he's busy.
» Fuka confesses to Axel that she feels lonely, and Axel tries to console her by explaining that Caramia bears no ill will towards her and does not spend time away from her because he wants to.
» Sometime later, Fuka happens upon Caramia embracing a prostitute while walking down Oscar Wilde street. She breaks into tears and runs into Axel as she flees the scene. Axel again tries to comfort her, and Fuka confides in him that she feels as though she doesn't truly know Caramia at all.
» The serial killer is caught, and Caramia tells Axel he's relieved from his duty of having to look after Fuka. Axel refuses to obey this order and confronts Caramia on the things he'd heard from Fuka. He accuses Caramia of always acting in ways that makes Fuka sad and lonely and states that as don of the Oz famiglia, he's essentially a martyr who has to think of the needs of the famiglia before his own. He then begs Caramia to not drag Fuka into his martyrdom and to let her go if he intends to continue acting as don.
» Caramia goes to Fuka and declares that he thinks they should end their relationship, since he cannot be there for her as much as he should be. He then encourages her to start a relationship with Axel, who he knows has fallen in love with Fuka.
» Fuka comes to realize that she loves Axel back and enters a relationship with him. With the exception of Axel's clinginess and possessive streak - both problems that he's painfully aware of and trying his best to curb - it's a loving relationship devoid of tumult.
» On their outings, Fuka notices Axel's tendency to not stand up for himself in interactions with outsiders. She encourages him to speak his mind more. Fuka is formally inducted into the Oz famiglia as a soldato under Axel's employ.
» Disaster strikes the city when the Anderson and Grimm famiglie suddenly go on a rampage. Caramia and Axel leave to investigate while Fuka stays behind in the mansion. Axel promises to come back safely.
» While investigating, Axel hears the melody of a pipe and realizes that Hamelin has returned. Caramia is put under the music's spell and attacks Axel, heavily injuring him before Axel is able to find an opportunity to escape the fight.
» Axel follows the sound of the music to the Grimm estate, where he finds Hamelin. The two fight, and both sustain serious injuries.
» The estate begins to burn down as Axel finally defeats Hamelin. He tries to make his way out, but his body gives out and he collapses.


For those who are unfamiliar with Axel, he may appear to be a cold, callous man who has little regard for the feelings of others. He seldom speaks, and when he does speak his sentences are short and clipped. He's brusque, to say the least, and he likes to keep his distance from people. Whenever he's not carrying out orders, he's holed up in his room all alone. In truth, though, Axel is anything but callous.

I don't speak much because I'm scared.
I'm scared that my words will hurt people. Unlike wounds of the body, wounds of the heart aren't visible. The thought of these intangible wounds terrified me.

In the past, Axel was a heartless tin man who had no understanding of human emotions. While he could carefully control his great strength so as to avoid harming others physically, he did not know how to carefully control his words so as to avoid harming them emotionally. Even though he has since gained a heart, he is still inexperienced and clumsy when it comes to understanding the emotions of others. He frets endlessly about what kinds of effects his words can have on others, and his indecision leads to inaction. He thus neglects his own feelings for the sake of others. This, as well as his tendency to overthink every statement he makes, makes social interactions exhausting for him and has led to him shying away from unnecessary social contact with others. He seldom speaks, and when he does speak he tends to take a very roundabout approach to saying what's on his mind in a way that leads to him being easily misinterpreted by people who do not know him well. For example, when Axel deduces that Fuka is concerned about inconveniencing him, he tells her, "I follow my orders." This is his way of saying, "Don't worry about me," but it sounds cold to those who are unfamiliar with his personality. In addition to this, when he's shy around others he has a tendency to be prickly with them, a fact that only serves to add to his unsociable image.

I don't really understand what love feels like very well. Could you tell me?

Due to Axel's inexperience in dealing with emotions, he's slow to recognize and understand his own emotions. He often underestimates the degree to which he cares for the people around him and will misinterpret his own motivations for acting a certain way. Even as he's fretting about another person's wellbeing, he'll rationalize it in his mind as him acting the way a subordinate ought to act or him simply behaving according to orders.

He's always silent. Even over the most trivial of things, he'll just say to not worry about him and then go quiet. He suppresses what he's feeling and obeys others. Perhaps as an employee, as someone serving others, that's the correct way to behave. But... where do those repressed feelings go? How does he deal with them? That's the thing, though. He doesn't deal with them. That's why his feelings just explode.

Axel's overly considerate nature leads him to always put the thoughts and feelings of others above his own. He suppresses his own urges and desires at all times and swallows all of his discontent rather than giving voice to his complaints - at least, until he finally reaches his breaking point, at which time his suppressed emotions will surge out in an emotional outburst. As someone who feels very strongly for the people around him, this means that he can be easily hurt by the people whom he opens up to (another reason why he's on guard around unfamiliar people and likes to keep most people at a distance). The smallest perceived slight on their part can elicit an incredibly strong emotional response from him, which is something that he greatly dislikes about himself. He's very protective of his loved ones, and his protectiveness soon turns into clinginess and even possessiveness once he grows too fond of someone. He views his own behavior as highly irrational and out of control and condemns himself strongly for what he thinks of as selfish whims that will exhaust everyone's good graces towards him. As a result, following an emotional outburst he will at times assume the worst and come to the conclusion that he's destroyed his relationship with the person whom the outburst was directed at irreparably, resigning himself to avoiding and acting impersonally and distanced around that person from then on rather than attempting to explain himself or make amends.

I'm not as graceful as the don and I'm... pretty stupid compared to Kyrie.
...I'm not as sensible as Kyrie is. I'm not very smart, and I'm clumsy. I'm selfish and... I really have no redeeming factors at all.

At his core, Axel is a very earnest person who will always sincerely speak the truth. He will never attempt to deceive anyone for his own gain. On top of that, his tendency to overvalue the feelings of others while undervaluing his own feelings has led to him having a poor view of himself. He's far more forgiving of the faults of others than he is of his own faults, and he refuses to acknowledge his own good points. All of this has led to an inferiority complex that, when combined with his intense fear of hurting the feelings of those around him, means that he rarely ever stands up for himself in the face of unfair treatment.

I thought I could live happily with other people if I only had a heart. I could empathize with other people. That's why I went on that journey in the first place. But how did that actually turn out? My heart is filled with suspicion, jealousy, and unease. I just end up hurting people. With a heart, I should be able to understand how I'm hurting people... but right now I'm furious with my own actions. Is it really that hard to love someone... and to have a heart?

When it comes to matters of the heart, Axel is incredibly harsh on himself. He tries his best to speak with deliberation so as to avoid needlessly causing any hurt feelings, but the very heart that allows him to act with consideration towards others also causes him to act irrationally and emotionally at times in a way that hurts others - a fact that he cannot accept. He cannot forgive indiscretions of this nature on his part, unaware of the fact that he's holding himself up to impossibly high standards. As someone who lacked a heart and thus yearned deeply for one, he came to idealize the heart and become blind to the problems brought about by having a heart.

Maybe my hopes were too unrealistic, or I just couldn't grasp the downsides. I thought that getting a heart would solve everything, but it didn't. The more contact with others sways my emotions, the harder it becomes to maintain stability. ...It makes me useless. But... all things considered, I think getting a heart was the right choice. Having one allows me to worry about things like this. Because I have a heart, I can feel joy, laugh, get angry and sad... and I can love her. That's why I'm glad I have a heart.

At the end of the day, though, Axel wouldn't trade his heart away for anything. While there are times when the emotions brought about by his having a heart cause him pain or distress, his heart has also allowed him to experience many new sensations. Because of his heart, he can feel connected to other people, and he can learn to empathize with them. He still has much to learn before he'll be able to fully understand his emotions and the emotions of others, but he's more than willing to learn. As the story goes, "With a heart, the Tin Man became kinder than anyone."

Wish: "My body won't obey what I tell it to do, but I... made a promise that I would return. Please... please allow me to keep that promise!"

This is a wish made in desperation by a battered, bloody Axel who's been incapacitated and is trapped in a burning building. There's no sign of help arriving anytime soon, and he believes this is the end for him. Naturally, Kyuubey cannot grant the wish by allowing him to truly return to famiglia Oz; as part of the contract, he must leave his world behind. As a result, it'll be fulfilled by creating a double of Axel who will return to the famiglia unharmed.

While Axel would feel pained at having to leave his loved ones and live with the knowledge that he's essentially being replaced by a perfect copy that would leave them none the wiser as to his absence, he is selfless at heart and would gladly accept such a sacrifice if it meant preserving the order and happiness of his famiglia.

Passive ability: Enhanced stamina. The root cause of Axel's wish is the breakdown of his body. He sustained heavy injuries that made it impossible for him to return to famiglia Oz, and his strong desire to return brought him in contact with Kyuubey. As a result, he'll be granted a tougher, sturdier body that can weather attacks and other physical damage more easily.

Active ability: Healing abilities. This works on two levels: one, Axel could've granted his wish and safely made it back to the Oz mansion if he'd only had the ability to heal himself. Two, his wish is a selfless one that's primarily concerned with preventing his loved ones from being hurt, albeit on an emotional level. His desire to prevent others from being hurt, interpreted quite literally, would also make healing abilities fitting. In accordance with Axel's fear of wounds that cannot be seen, this power would only be able to be used to heal injuries that Axel can see. This means that it cannot be used to mend broken bones or heal internal injuries. Furthermore, the healing process would take time: the bigger the injury, the longer Axel would have to use his ability on it to fully heal it. When active, this ability drains his soul gem.

Weapon: Shotgun

Sample: "Ah... I can't believe it's come to this..."

The unfamiliar townscape before his eyes seems surreal at first; he can hardly bear to think about how he's been forced to leave his old life and old world behind. It pains him when he pictures the faces of the people he's had to leave behind. He can no longer carry out his duties as caporegime, and it feels as if he's failed his famiglia. He curses himself inwardly for his weakness; had he only been stronger, he could have avoided this.

He's been given a rare chance, though, he realizes. Despite his failure, the famiglia will not have to go without their caporegime. There would still be someone there to carry out his duties in his stead, and he has Kyuubey to thank for that. After being granted such a miracle, he would have to be beyond selfish to wallow in self-pity.

With that thought in mind, he rises to his feet with renewed determination. He has a new duty to carry out now, and he will carry it out with diligence to prove himself worthy of the miracle he was granted. He may not know anything about this world and he may be utterly inexperienced on how to be a proper magi, but he will put his all into protecting the people of this world, as he was commanded to do.

First things first: intel gathering. In order to carry out his orders properly, he has to have a decent understanding of his situation. He wanders around town, familiarizing himself with the streets and trying to get a feel for the town's circumstances and atmosphere. In his mind, this doubles as patrol, as well, and it makes him feel better to think of it as patrolling. When thinking of it that way, he can almost ease himself into thinking that his circumstances have not changed that much.

As he travels, though, he realizes that the gap really is too big for his brain to be fooled. This town is too peaceful, too quaint to possibly be mistaken for the one he'd grown accustomed to patrolling daily. The people are all friendly - almost unsettlingly so - and the air is calm with the sort of silence that he's almost entirely unaccustomed to. There are no sounds of skirmishes taking place, no gunshots ringing out...

It can't be like this all the time, can it? Surely today must be a special day. After all, if it's always like this, then what need would there be for Kyuubey to recruit people like him to protect this town's people?

...Ah. Speaking of which, what was it he was supposed to be protecting them from, again? Not the gun or knife-toting ruffians he's familiar with, he realizes. This assignment really is too alien for him.

He heaves a sigh. "Just how am I supposed to fight a nightmare, anyway...?"


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